Comment on Kite 3.0 - Everything just got better!

Apurva Monal commented on 13 Dec 2017, 10:25 AM

Overall is improved but there are some issues like

1- you can add 4 charts of those stocks only which are in your marketwatch
2- adding same chart in 4 chart view with different setting like drawing different in different chart view is not possible for same stock.
3- there should be button on the chart with all order type in a compact section on the chart itself.
4- trader need good exit buttons directly not by going to click button and then another bottom so for order exit there should be easy setup , so if anyone goes to position he can easily exit CO or Bo order from there so order book should be floating window so that it can be customized in the screen.
5- All tab (like-position,order,,etc)should be floating .

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