Comment on Kite 3.0 - Everything just got better!

Manish commented on 12 Dec 2017, 06:57 PM

Just one word to describe Kite 3.0. Awesome !!! 🙂

Really fast, smooth and memory efficient from what it seems. And some very needed features are available now like the multiple charts, selecting multiple orders to exit, etc. Very nice it all is.

Just one thing that i think should be included is the ability to modify multiple orders of the same stock using the select check button.

Why this is really important ? Because of the way Bracket orders gets filled sometime. Which is in chunks of paired Stop loss and target and its really a pain to modify all of them in realtime esp when the market is moving and you are desperately grasping to modify those chunks of orders correctly.

For example say a Bracket order is placed for 300 SBIN. It gets filled in several small chunks. A long list of paired Stop loss and target orders appears in the order window. Now modifying all of these chunks is a real pain man. Like really frustrating and inconvenient and it just induces unnecessary anger which again have its own bad consequences.

So i think it would be really nice if these chunks of orders can be selected and modified at once. Right now these can be selected and exited at once. But cannot be modified. Hence the ability to modify them at once from one order dialog box is really important. So i can just select all of the stop loss orders for SBIN and modify them from a single order dialog.

Other than that everything is just shining. Thanks for providing just a fantastic trading platform. Keep up good work.

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