Comment on Kite 3.0 - Everything just got better!

Ashish Sharma commented on 12 Dec 2017, 05:42 PM

Thanks a lot Team Zerodha and Nitin ji for this much awaited update. We users really appreciate the updates. Specially :
Pin feature. Avg price in depth. Being able to see depth from holdings. Trade from chart.
Trigger and SL in BO is a great one. Special thanks for this one.

However please have a look at points I mentioned below. Some of this were requested earlier too. Certainly those would make the platform more user friendly.

1. When I search new scrip from watchlist search, along with +, B and S, please add open chart option. This would help to study a chart without adding to watchlist.(Good to have)
2. The menu that comes on hovering a scrip in watchlist, could have all the options directly visible as before. Stock widget option is more frequently used. If you reduce the size of buttons by a small fraction (2-3 Pixels), all the buttons can easily accomodate there on the hover list only. Nobody would mind, even a couple of last characters from of the name of the script being hovered are shadowed because of this expanded menu.(IMP for 3.0)
3. Menu on hover of holding script – The Universal context menu is not Universal. Instead of Options button(…), can’t it be the same menu that comes on hover of watchlist so that it can then be called as Universal context menu that comes on hover? This I had requested earlier too. Yes you can add your new menu ‘Add to watchlist’ to the hover menu list in case of hover in holdings. (IMP for 3.0)
4. Menu on hover in Positions – Instead of Options button(…), please make it on hover as before. It saves time and is more user friendly. Here we dont need ‘Add to market watch’ as the positions are most likely are taken from market watch i.e. script is already in market watch.(IMP for 3.0)
5. Total Day’s change is not available on hovering the Day’s change as before. (IMP as a regression)
6. From holdings, if I can open all past trades for a particular scrip it would be great. (Great to have in future release).
7. Multiple chart view is nice. It could be great if I can scroll through all my positional holdings on watchlist from the chart itself. You might check Economic times charts features for this. (Not a must. Could be the last thing to do)

Thanks & Regards,
Ashish Sharma

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