Comment on Kite 3.0 - Everything just got better!

Venkatesh commented on 12 Dec 2017, 02:13 PM

Hi Matti

Few first glance observations after viewing your new kite 3.0 beta…
Very first my sincere compliments for a sleek and cute look with lot much awaiting features…commendable to your entire team for such a hard effort….bravo..

first i will list few bugs/observations
1) on the order pop up window Up/down arrows to modify prices were not working…and not working to modify any of the order window entries in fact. however if i use my computer keyboard up/down arrow, i could change it…however it’s practically impossible while working on a mobile browser…pls fix the same ASAP

Other very important feedbacks/Suggestions.

1) on the market watch list, a Mini thumbnail Sparkline chart could be placed next to the script which is very useful for anyone to see a quick glance on the stock’s Intraday movement, rather going to a detailed chart always, in fact you have a good amount of blank space available which you could make use of it….FYI This is already available on platforms like Upstox…

2) At present there is no way to know the market open status for segments NSE, NFO BSE, CDS, MCX… Pls provide a tab in kite to show the market Open status…which is vital for traders.

Venkatesh V

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