Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

vishyvishy commented on 26 Oct 2014, 10:12 AM

i am mcx trader. i have few suggestions
1. On website you can see what weekly scheduled news will be released on economic calendar. e.g. US natural gas inventory on every thursday 8pm. at that time natgas shows huge i wish such economic calendar to be included in PI itself.user should be alerted about such news in advance.
2. is it possible to overlay international commodity price charts above indian commodity chart with some different color scheme. if yes then this would be a great addon.
3. intodays software we get popup based net position details and order details.i suggest make this a tabbed feature.then this wud be less annoying.
4. is it posdible to rent a signal from winners or master traders. say i wish to follow trading signals from say two winners from zerodha to whom i m willing to pay for a trade signal.zerodha can create such a facility where masters can sell there signals and they get paid 70% and zerodha gets 30% per every subscription bought.
5.there shud be facility to share your track record without sharing your name like this would be useful in case no.4 and in many cases.

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