Comment on Kite 3.0 - Everything just got better!

Rohit Dwivedi commented on 08 Dec 2017, 03:24 PM

Thanks a lot for activating long awaited features like multiple charts view and trade from the charts.

I have couple of suggestions, and believe that if your wonderful team can make it happen, it would make trader’s life even more convenient-

1. When an order is placed and the moment it’s get executed, sort of horizontal lines (preferably dashed lines), should appear on the chart, which will make it very convenient for the trader to see all 3 levels (entry, sl and target) at same time on the chart. Colors could be for SL (Red), Target (Green) and for the Entry point (Black).

2. When order gets executed, more prominent bell sound come.

3 In the tool’s list if you can add a horizontal ray line

4. if you can give a text feature for the tools, especially for lines like horizontal and ray, meaning when I draw a horizontal line on my chart for marking the support and resistance, with text feature I can define if it’s a daily SR or Intraday (hope you’ll understand my point)

I must once again congratulate the entire Zerodha team for the Kite 3, it’s really a New year gift for the clients.


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