Comment on Kite 3.0 - Everything just got better!

Manoj commented on 08 Dec 2017, 12:07 PM

Congratulations. But I have some feature request for Kite 3.0, please see below.

There needs to be an option in the bracket order that, if there are multiple executed orders needs to be considred as single. For example

1) Placed Buy 4lot nifty future – at 10255 with 5 tick SL and 10 tick target

2) It is executed as four different orders, that is (10252,10253,10254,10255). But now in the holdings it will be displaed as 4 target orders and 4 stoploss orders.

3) But it needs to be grouped and target and stopless needs to be modified as the order gets executed. For example since my taget is 10 ticks there will be
one tagrget order with 4 lot at average of executed price (((10252 + 10253 + 10254 + 10255)/4) + 10)

and one SL order for 4 lot at average of execute price (((10252 + 10253 + 10254 + 10255)/4) – 5)

4) We can adjust the target and SL price manually (after execution) so that target or SL price of all 4 lots will be changed.

5) In this way we can easily scale in and scale out additiona lots so that target and SL will always be recalculated with whatever lots we are currently holding

6) It would be even bettter if all this can be integrated to the chart so that target and SL can be modified by simple moving a handle in the chart.

Could you please consider this feature?

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