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viju_1105 commented on 08 Dec 2017, 12:07 PM

Dear Sir,
I offered 53 shares of Infosys on line through q zerodha 3 days back and yet shares are still appearing in my holdings.I also have not yet received TRS.I am really worried now.As it is not required to send you Tender form,I have not sent you scanned copy of the same.If required I shall send it.

Your support team sent follwing stock answer.I never expected such type of answer from Zerodha


Thank you for writing to Zerodha Support.

The buyback for Wipro/Infosys have been announced from November 29th and 30th respectively. Please note that if you wish to take part in this buyback, you’ll have to do so by placing a buyback order on Q.

The appropriate menu for you to place the order on Q will be available from the respective dates. Please note that no email confirmation will be accepted for buybacks, it’s compulsory for you to place the order on Q.
Additional info: We will charge Rs.20+GST for each buyback order on Q. The acceptance from the user to pay these charges will be taken on Q.
Tender form not required.

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