Comment on Pie chart on Q for quick Overview

Arpan commented on 06 Dec 2017, 07:18 PM

Hello Sir,
I got a call from Zerodha and the executive told me that you have to put only those no. who know you and they should know that they will get a call from zerodha because we don`t call to unknown people. i told him might be few of them not interested now but they all somehow connected with market. so finally the conclusion was that – we only call to those who know you and they know they will get a call from zerodha.

what i understood from whole conversation is – Zerodha dont take any initiative to approach new client untill you know them, and the whole company is running on this strategy.

if a business runs like this then i dont think the company like Zerodha need to have big marketing team, client will do this himself. as i told you sir i have huge client base and i dont think it matters where did i get all clients. they know trading and they know everything about the market. so please tell me shall i put those no. in refer section or not.


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