Comment on Zerodha i3 - Introduction

Sohom Kundu commented on 05 Dec 2017, 08:16 PM


Please guide me on the following –

We friends (5 including me) have agreed to open trading account and that
I will be in charge of trade execution.

All the five trading accounts will be in individual names, but I will be the person having access to all of them. Separate individual bank accounts have been opened to link with these trading accounts. It is like have five different trading entities but the control will be with me.

At the end of 6 month period, my 4 friends will compensate me for the efforts by paying me 3000 rupees each to accommodate the efforts and infrastructure cost.

If the setup succeeds, we plan to continue ahead and include more of our friends and family members.

Kindly guide me how I can achieve this, as I have been searching on this forum and tried to get information from various broking houses as well.

I am also trying to get the NISM / NCFM certification for equity and currency derivatives to aid me in my goal.

So far nothing concrete has emerged. Any and all help is highly appreciated.

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