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Sid commented on 29 Nov 2017, 11:59 AM

The Buyback option created in Q-Backoffice is absolute rubbish.
1. It does not show the Quantity held by me and there is no validation. I hold 200 shares of Wipro. I can enter any quantity in the field.
2. I am not getting any acknowledgement that my buyback request has been received after I click on save. How will I know my request has been placed?
3. I do not get the error that I have already placed the order if I enter quantity again & save. I can enter the buyback quantity any number of times.
4. How will I know my buyback request has been received? I should get a mail confirmation.

It is better that you do proper designing with all validations and then introduce a new functionality instead of introducing something in a haphazard manner & later keep on modifying it. It is not as if you had one or two days to develop this.

I am totally disappointed.

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