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Hems commented on 23 Oct 2014, 01:43 AM

Hello Nithin,

I am a fast Intraday trader. Sharekhan has specifically designed with a well known international educational institute ( OTA ) as a partner where they are top traders who trade since 20 years plus and they teach as well. With their years of experience they have suggested Sharekhan to design simple tools which are very effective for intraday traders to trade. Sharekhan has designed tool where there are different coloured lines for Entry , Stop Loss and Target.
When ALL these lines ( Entry, Stop Loss and Target ) are placed on the chart……the Entry Line shows the price at which the entry line is placed ++ The Risk to Reward Ratio,……THE Stop Loss line will show the price of stopp loss line ++ the Risk for that trade AND ……. The Target Line will show the Target Price ++ The Reward amount of the trade.
Now when the Entry ( Yellow Line) is double clicked an automatic bracket order opens and all the vaules of Entry, Stop Loss and Target is automatically filled ALONG with Position size as well whcih depends on the stop loss price and the amount which a trader is ready to take risk for. ****** THATS AWESOME *****…since as a fast intraday trader… i trade on 1 / 3 or 5 minutes chart .
I do not have have to physically see and type all the entry price and then see and then manually type the stop loss price and then again see at the chart and then type the target price in the bracket order…then if my risk per trade is say Rs 200 and my stop loss is Rs 1.50. then i have to manually calculate 200/1.50 is 133 shares i can buy on this trade..AND then go ahead and type the position size in the bracket order ….WHICH CONSUMES TIME..there are many chances that a trader misses his trade…. at times incorrect value is typed…there is a pressure to see and type all the values.
Also there is a setting where a trader can set his per trade risk in % of his capital put for trading. say 1 % per trade or 100 Rs per trade.
I have opened a Zerodha Account because of brokerage. My id is RH0432. I was told that this tool can be designed with us on PI.

KInd request if you can design such a tool for the benefit of traders. EVEN Swing and Investor traders can can also benefit for this Unique and Simple Tool.

—I am attaching a screen shot of sharekhan chart where this tool of trading from the chart via lines can be seen.
—-Another screen shot where when entry line is clicked a bracket order gets opened and all the values are automatically filled.
—-And also the 3rd screen shot where a trader can set his risk per trade.

Hope to see this tool for ALL TRADERS with Zerodha.

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