Comment on ZT-View Holdings

Ruchi commented on 22 Nov 2017, 11:21 AM

I have two questions-
1) I am not able to see all the holdings in kite “holdings” tab. It shows 31 holdings. However, the holding statement shows few more. Is is a fault or there is a limit to show no. of holdings? If I am not able to see these; how I take decision to buy or sell? Client id PR0891
2) I had sent an email for charges, taxes, fee details to your support dept. 6 days back and no reply. They replied quickly to my first 2-3 emails the same day. I also tried to call but unable to get in touch. What to do?
I am a beginner and have lots of questions to understand the system and need support at few steps. But if you guys won’t reply, whom to ask?

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