Comment on Introducing smallcase — Invest in ideas

RAJESH commented on 11 Nov 2017, 06:26 AM

Hi Zerodha team and Smallcase team, i have few question…
(1) What is the validity of the smallcases… and that 100 charged is for oneyear or untill i sell all the share from the small case.?
(2)I have some stocks in kite in very less price… supposed i invest in a small case and in that small case same stock present there,,is it affect my the less price buy stock. i mean is there any price changed in my previous investment.?
(3)Supposed buy a small case and now i have 0 (Zero) rupee in my kite trading account.. and after quaterly rebalancing the stock the taxes are deduct from which account,, is it from small case account or kite account…. (* if its deduct from my kite account then i seen – (minus) balance in my kite account…… isnt it? correct me if i wrong )

Lets waiting for reply from zerodha team / small case team…

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