Comment on Futures & Options Filters

DR D VENUGOPAL commented on 11 Nov 2017, 12:17 AM

Please clarify the following :

i) In FNO If I traded in the month of NOVEMBER-2017 & I Selected Optoion of Expiry December 28th 2017
In FNO Can I give Sell Option without holding the Stock in my Holdings.

ii) In FNO if it executed can I Buy on the same day or next day by choosing a profit price … will it be possible or should I wait upto the given option of Decemeber-2017.

iii) Please confirm there are two options in FNO while trading A) NORMAL & B) MIS If I choose NORMAL I have to pay full Amount …. If I choose MIS I have to pay the Margin amount in FNO based on Stock and it is valid upto the expiry period as mentioned in Trading Options.

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