Comment on Zerodha F&O margin Calculator

Jagannath commented on 05 Nov 2017, 05:43 PM

Dear Nitin,
My client ID ZS9598
I have beow queries on F&O margin obligation:
1)Suppose if I have NRML position on Yes Bank 10los 300CE taken on 28Oct2017 purchased at Rs20/- and sell all lots in morning on 06Nov2017 at Rs 40/-. On same day 06N0v2017 in afternoon I repurchase all lots at 30/- I make profit 10/- per unit. I have fund balance of Just 100/-. Will it attract F&O obligation charges and pls explain answer.
2)second scenario, I purchase RELIANCE 950CE on 06Nov2017 using Yesbank sold CE option. Any F&O obligation attract. I have Rs 100/- fund balance and equity holding zero. Pls explain reasons.
3)in third scenario suppose in case 1 & 2, I am holding Equity of 20lacs of MRF shares… What effect on F&O obligation. Pls explains reasons.
Sir I am totally confuse on F&O obligation charges.. Till today my account has debited Rs 40thousand as F&O obligation penalty.. Your clarification in layman’s terms will help me to save my hard earned money. Pls share call number in case further clarification.

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