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Anupam Sarkar commented on 02 Nov 2017, 07:07 PM

Halloh, Sir,

I only trade in Equity and that too from KITE Mobile App. I have gone through some problems recently in the ‘Position’ space such as incorrect display of profit and buy quantity. Moreover, there are also some cases where the Average of price of already held & T1 stock is showing incorrectly which is very misleading and may make Trader incurr some loss. Also, displaying the net Profit(deducting all applicable charges) would also help the traders make REAL PROFIT with ease.

In this regard, I have two suggestions:
1)to launch in the Tab ONLY to show the T1 Stocks. That means, there would be 3 spaces, viz.,

2)Showing the NET PROFIT, i.e, deducting all charges in all the three spaces.

I have some quary:-
1)If I change my position from/to MIS to/from CNC many times, Would it be charged? if yes, how much?
2)How to invest in MF through KITE Mobile APP? Mine is mot showing anything. Do one need to register first for Mutual Fund separately?

Looking for your prompt reply…

With Regards,

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