Comment on Latest updates - Aug 2017

Sudipta commented on 01 Nov 2017, 09:55 PM

1) I had opened Zerodha account 2.5 yrs back. At that time you did not have your own demat service, so you had opened my demat account in IL&FS. Since then I am using that demat account and I am an active trader. Now recently they sent a mail that I need to submit copies of my Aadhar card PHYSICALLY in their office as per govt order. If this is not done, they will freeze my account next month. This is extremely problematic for me because I am residing in West Bengal and IL&FS does not have any office nearby. They have sent the office addresses which are all in Maharastra, Karnataka, New Delhi etc.
I had already provided my Aadhar card number when I opened the account. I do not know why this new requirement came up now. Zerodha & IL&FS both should already have my Aadhar. Can you please look into it and help ? Can you coordinate with them and get the required documentation done for me ?
2) Overall I am not much satisfied with IL&FS anyway. But I am not able to transfer my shares to any other broker house. I had earlier discussed on this topic with your support team. They informed me that once I send the request to IL&FS in writing, they will close my account and transfer the shares to other demat account. But in between I may not have access to it. Now I want to open demat directly under Zerodha, but I can then only see my shares in Zerodha account (my IL&FS shares will not be visible for transaction). This makes the whole thing cumbersome. I sincerely request you to come up with some easy way for your old customers to transfer everything to your own house without any hassle. Right now the ownership of this transfer is completely put on us. We are neither experienced nor influential enough to get it done quickly & error-free. I need help here. If this even attracts some charge, I am happy to bear. Please suggest how to painlessly move everything to Zerodha.
— Please note, there are 2 different topics / requests I brought up here. If the second part can be done this month, the first part wont be even needed. Thanks.

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