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Vinnu commented on 31 Oct 2017, 01:59 PM

Hi Nithin,

I never ever expected such a worst impression i would get from Zerodha.

its my first ever time in life i taught i will start my trading, i want to understand read and do trading, so with that intension i asked multiple people around in my office and few came up with NJ client desk and some with Finozen, and few said Zerodha does things online, so i taught let me choose that as it saves much of my time, and logged and started account opening process, once the money was deducted i get the notification that there is one POA form which is to be signed and that has to be done offline, and reason was SEBI made this rule.

i am not sure who made this and i donot have time and patience to go and refer SEBI rules and confirm.

its just one single form which has to be signed and uploaded. and weight of form would be 2miligrams.

huh crazy answer from Mr Dilip kumar was its is not possible since its company policy, but i have kept aside my policy and uploaded every other documents to your website.. never know who is terrorist in your company may be he may misuse it for some other purpose. there is no bond paper signed by zerodha that my documents, my signature will not be used for any other purpose except as prooof for trading. just keeping trust of neighbours and collegues, i trusted zerodha and went ahead to upload and taught to start trading, but in first impression if i face so much of problem that i have to do offline work when there is online facility then i doubt what will be my situation when my money is invested, i am afraid if my personal bank account iwil be safe as all my details are with you guys.

there are 100s of zerodha rep roaming around in bangalore city to collect forms and all other documents, its just one more document of mine which has to be collected.

i work in Emc2 building which is in outer ring road, whcih is reffered as heart of IT industry cos the number of employees work here is ample. after mine many such collegues may join along me. but if i myself get such a bad experience then what about my collegues., how do i trust.

and as a common sense what is ONLINE? when you promised that account will be opened online, but when tried to do that i should spend time and money on courier, which looks stupidity for me. why do i have to choose flipkart and amazn when i can go by myself to market and buy something. common sense says to save money and energy.

but the same is not applicable by zerodha, you guys ask to open acount and only after amount in deducted you guys pop up a message that i need to courier, which is trust breaking job.

while picking other peoples documents he can stop by to pick mine too, but its more of company policy and shitty rules than customer satisfaction. bloody hell.

at last, i would request any of your rep to pick the 2miligrams form which is signed by me while they are doing other peoples job. i am not sending a grocery bag or a rice bag of 2kg, its just 2 miligrams form which has to be passed to the company, for this i cannot go and search for courier and send and then run behind them to confirm if it has reached you guys. please help for the same if you guys carry some humanity.

when asked for the email id he says its not available , how will the email id of CEO be available.

now a days we just by sitting in office email to our honorable Prime minister, a CEO is not a big deal. please be connected to people to win heart and have good business, that is how our PM is with public( this is my suggestion, not sure how big your EGO is to be connected to people).

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