Comment on Orders - Place, Modify, Cancel & View

Nithin Kamath commented on 19 Oct 2014, 02:57 PM

Check this post on Stoploss orders.

1. There is no way to place this in one order. You can place a limit buy order at 490 and place a SL-Buying order with trigger price at 495. If stock goes upto 495 it gets bought at 495. If stock goes down to 490, it gets bought. If either of the order is traded, you have to cancel the other manually.

2. Again no way to place an order saying if that doesn’t get executed, execute this. So the best you can do is place a limit selling order at 530 and a SL-Selling order with trigger at 524. So if stock goes to 530 it gets sold or else if it comes down to 524 the trigger hits and it gets sold. But if one is executed, you have to cancel the other manually.

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