Comment on ZT-Position Conversion

nagesh commented on 19 Oct 2014, 01:57 PM

Hi Sir,
I left out my last doubt:-

Scenario : I “BUY” Ranbaxy Stock @ 600, Quantity- 10, Product Type: CNC. Fund Available: 9000 rs.

a) I want to convert “CNC” to “MIS”, Please tell me how to convert
this ?? Show me stepwise procedure in zerodha trading software!

b) While converting “CNC” to “MIS”., intraday exposure in zerodha margin calculator, say assume 9x for Ranbaxy Stock, i.e. 9*10= 90.
Sir, I can only sell “10” Quantity right ?
If i sell reamaining “80” Quantity, then it will become short sell ! Correct ?

c) Once postion converstion done from “CNC ” to “MIS”, If i failed to sell during intraday, Is it possible to convert “MIS” to “CNC” Again ??? Please answer all of my questions..

Thanks and regards,

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