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nagesh commented on 19 Oct 2014, 01:03 PM

Dear Zerodha,
Hi sir, you doing well for the community trader in zerodha , helping and solving query of the trader. I have one query regard to “BUY STOP LOSS ORDER” & “SELL STOP LOSS ORDER” in “CNC” Product type.. I give you scenario, please help me how to place the order in zerodha nest trading software. I know only choosing Product Type as ‘CNC’ for delivery & “SL” for Buy Stop Loss Order.

I Want Advice on “PRICE & TRIGGER PRICE”.

Scenario 1: At 9:15 Am, CIPLA Stock:- OPEN = 500, LTP = 494. I want to use “BUY STOP LOSS ORDER”. My target to buy order is “490”. If it doesn’t come to “490”, atleast i have to buy at “495”. Please advice how ?
Sir, in this Scenario 1: I had wrongly placed, Even LTP Comes @ 489.9, it didn’t took my order at 490, it took 495!! Please help me sir. Please Give me the Value for “PRICE” & “TRIGGER PRICE”.

Scenario 2: At 10 Am, ‘SELL STOP LOSS ORDER”., OPEN = 500, LTP = 525, HIGH= UNKNOWN, My target is 530. If the price doesn’t comes @ 530, atleast it has to sell @ LTP, i.e.525.

Please help me giving values for the scenario 2, as in scenario 1.

Thank you so much for your help.

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