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RISHANG MISHRA commented on 26 Oct 2017, 07:55 PM

Good evening MR. NITIN KAMATH
sir i am new client of your company and my experience your service is so bad in comparison to another broker firm and your call and trade service is so cheap i tried many times to call you in market hour when my position is holded and need some help from you and i call u and it take 10 minutes but my call is not recieved by anyone and after that i am fully lossed and please improve some things in your pi application like when i search any scrift in option segment searching method is so difficult suppose when i search the [ PNB 180 CE OF OCT ] then in your application first we choose nfo after that script name then strike price and after that we found a long list of strike prices of [DEC Month, NOV.Month , OCT. Month etc ]and call and put show at both same time and every script given different different and finding the scrift quickly for btst and intraday is so difficult sir i request you , please check the another applications like nest trader and nse now etc. the method of finding any script is easy in these applications . and one thing is in option segement is when i place market order buy order will be rejected because maket type blocked from you why, this is wrong . please open all market type from blocked by you and when i change my registered mobile no. you also charged 50 RS for changing the no. why are you charge. this is not reasonable another brokers are not charge for this those are also a run a broker firm why u charge unusual charges and please increase the telephone services persons you take long time to recieve the call and when i mail you please call back on my registerd no. and also tell my problem then action of your team they play the game mail with mail my sense mail ke against mail hi send krte call back to aati hi nahi hai mujhe only 10 days hue hai join hue apse aur mera ye haal hai in 10 days i bear 10k loss

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