Comment on ZT-View Holdings

Gaurav Singh commented on 24 Oct 2017, 10:44 AM


My client ID is YT 3564, I have already submitted POA but due to incomplete knowledge , as being first time trader , there is some mistake happened in form , which was not communicated to me by sales Manager . Now I had taken a share which I was suppose to sell next day on high value but this is not happening . After contacting customer care and sale manager I came to know untill and unless I resend the POA with correction (which will take 4-5 days , and market can boom or crash withing so), this will not be possible. My Only query is why Zerodha allow to buy if they do not allow to sell, is it to enjoy their customer making loss. Also why it is not informed that customer can buy but can not sell.

Hoping for positive response.

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