Comment on Intro to "Q" - next generation backoffice system

Athar commented on 21 Oct 2017, 01:36 AM

I understand that u have disabled the date range. and we can view only from this year 1st April onward.
But requirement is little different. Let me explain,
Say I have bought 1 lot of Niftybank Oct for for 5 times in last 3 wks . P&L report shows that in consolidated mode. i.e. (40*5 )=200 Niftybank Oct bought @ xx rate & sold @xx rate.
But I didn’t trade 5 lot at one go. I did 5 separate trades 1 lot each time.
So instead of consolidated P&L for that contract(Niftybank Oct) how can i view trade wise P&L.

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