Comment on Introducing screener by Tickertape

Mahen commented on 19 Oct 2017, 11:53 AM

I have recently joined Zerodha. Kite seems very user friendly, except that it has five marketwatchs, which take only few scrips each (20, in number, I believe) and there is no way they can be put in alphabetic order. Can the no. Of scrips to be put on marketwatch be increased and put in alphabetic order, say like in Zerodha pi, money control etc. For a trader like me who has a large diversified portfolio, this is very necessary. Secondly, can we also screen the daily highs and lows of the market in live time and also can we screen for stocks which has higher buyers than sellers and vice versa?
What is the fee for each smallcase: RS. 100 or RS. 200 per month? Is it similar to a PMS, minus requirement of large investment? Is there any exit load/fee? Who does the balancing of portfolio and when? Is there any fee for the same? Why have so many of them instead a few based on focussed themes? What is the period for which it would be advised to stay invested in a smallcase?
Thanks and regards.

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