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Subhash commented on 16 Oct 2017, 07:55 PM

Hi Zerodha,

I have one question for Zerodha application on holdings. I purchase XXXX shares two time in slot of 10 each with different price.

First slot I purchase at 49/- approx. and Second Slot at 65/- approx.

After second slot purchase Avg price of each share become 57/-. approx.

After some time I sold out 10 shares for 74/-.

Now in zerodha application Avg. price it showing 65/- approx for remaining 10 shares.

Could you please help me to understand why Avg. price increases from 57/- to 65/- ? Is there is any specific reason behind it?

As per support team, We have to sell all shares at a time so that system will be updated correctly.


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