Comment on POA - Power of Attorney for your Demat account

DEBANJAN SINGH commented on 07 Oct 2017, 12:23 AM

I just made an online zerodha account and used aadhar e-sign online facility to complete the sign up process online itself and then it shows my account to be activated in 24-48hrs and also to physically send POA for demat account within 7 days
now my 3 question-
1.Is it compulsury to send POA if i want to do only intra trade
2.can i transfer the profit amounts from intra trade to my bank a/c without sending poa/thus making no demat
3.And finally it states to send it in 7 days , now if after a long time may be year i want to make a demat account to hold stocks , then can i make it then sending my POA?

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