Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

vishyvishy commented on 17 Oct 2014, 12:42 PM

I wish PI to replace Amibroker Need completely hence suggesting few things below,
1. I am a multiple time frame trader. I want PI to show 4 charts 10min, 30 min, 60min and EOD as shown in the attached image.
All charts are supposed to change for a given new scrip selected.There is a beautiful option in amibroker->Right Click on chart->Symbol Link option which does this trick.
Please incorporate this in Pi so that I wont need to use Amibroker at all.
2. Amibroker has a Fantastic watch list and Scrip selection panes.Can we have the same in zerodha PI?
3. In amibroker we can navigate between scrips simply by using keyboard arrow keys & home end pg up down buttons which is super convenient for a trader. Can we expect the same in zerodha PI?
4. Amibroker Lacks auto scrip changer facility. I mean for a day trader if the Price charts are change after specific time interval and if a trader can view them one by one say after 15 seconds interval, this would be fantastic. I wish this feature of scrip change to be implemented in zerodha PI
5. Latest metatrader shows at white price level or avg price level you are holding a scrip. This is done by drawing a horizontal line on chart automatically after taking a trade entry. I wish same in zerodha.
6. I wish Line based entry and stoploss entry possible in zerodha.I mean a traders draws a buy level horizontal line and clicking an entry button on the side gives you the relevant order window like buy sell short cover depending upon type of line you have drawn on chart (color based).
7. I wish PI has Market profile Indicator included in standard set of indicators.
8. I wish PI give me last 1 year EOD data at least.

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