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Kaushal commented on 04 Oct 2017, 01:00 PM

I had recently opened an account (signature and cancelled check upload pending) with an online payment of 300/-
I did the KYC, as soon as i entered the PAN number, the system pulled the address and name correctly and allowed me to take a print out of my application form with the name Chandrakant Shah
The very next day I received a call from one of your team and I was informed that the name on my account did not match the name on my Pancard.
The pancard was in the name of Chandrakant Shah and after the KYC was done the account had the name of some one else.
How is it possible to have such a grave error in the backend system. Does that mean you have/can edit names in a readonly field in your Database ?
Isn’t this a big issue where a name on an account gets changed without the customer knowing it. This also can be termed as an ownership change as the account does not have the correct name on it?
All of this even before any trade starts with Zerodha.

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