Comment on Query of the Day

Narendra Sambhus commented on 01 Oct 2017, 01:19 PM

I am using ‘Kite’ web version. I am having problem with monitoring chart of the stocks I am holding in the portfolio.

The ‘Holdings’ page lists stock holdings from where selling / additional buying can be initiated. However this page does not have ‘chart’ button. To see the chart (of the stock I am holding), I need to add the stock in the ‘Marketwatch’ which is time consuming and inconvenient. As the marketwatch has limited space (for 100 entries), the above ends in consuming valuable space required for monitoring new investment/trade opportunities. I am unnecessarily required to add & delete the same stocks in the marketwatch which I am already holding. This is tremendous loss of time & efforts.

Hence request you to provide ‘chart’ button on the holding page for ‘kite’ web version.

I am surprised to see that this facility is already provided in the mobile version but not available in the web version!

I am sure that the above upgrade will make ‘kite’ web version more efficient and smart.

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