Comment on Option Strategy - Zerodha Trader

Bibin commented on 26 Sep 2017, 01:07 PM

Appreciate your reply, I can understand why it’s not a matter of concern at least as of now. When it comes to tech in trading I saw that innovation in zerodha and by far more attractive than the zero brokerage success formula.

Similarly, when it comes to trading, options are far..far innovative than the conventional equity gimmick, don’t take me wrong 90% of the community do it as a no-brainer.

Being an innovative brokerage firm, I expect you to take much more concern to the options market because why I say is that, I know options market in India is far less superior in innovation than what we see outside (say US) but when a person who wants to think different and do different look upon there must be something that stands out and support him in the endeavour and who knows, where lies the future.

Once again thanks for finding time to reply.

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