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Pradeep Verma commented on 24 Sep 2017, 07:03 PM

Hi Nitin,
In reference to my query- “Please let me know how can I claim the earning from the account that I opened for my friend last Thursday?”.

Its not that I didn’t tried to enter the email in referral link in Q before attempting to open my friend’s account ( I tried it). But since it was raising email already exist error and she was about to leave Bangalore on 25th September I went ahead to open the account. I was very hopeful that let me first open the account ‘first later I will follow Zerodha guys and they will be able to do it as usual (I have seen in past Zerodha solving their client’s issues by going beyond the rules).

Now I guess whats it needs-
1- Add the lead in your lead management system with referee’s id.
2- Later when referral mapping task will trigger as per schedule, since client already got account (which is there in leads database as well) it will automatically do all necessary mappings.

So precisely just one lead entry is needed.

Please confirm then I will provide all the details ( friend’s email, Client-ID & all ) along with verification from my friend (stating that she opened the account on my recommendation)

Hoping the dynamic CEO will do it.
Thanks you

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