Comment on Charting - Pi

Kumar commented on 21 Sep 2017, 06:24 PM

Price line with color adjustment, Measuring tool for measuring decimal distances for stop loss, Trend line replication, Cross hair button in toolbar instead of right click, Cursor button in toolbar, Adjustable source window size, Fib level 78.6, Thickness of MACD, Thickness of MACD histogram, Change color for period separator as bright white color hinders visibility of bar chart’s bars, Removal of white squares and using add study remove study which is much more efficient than using white squares to select and edit indicators, etc but they are not interested in changing any of these. Zerodha should have focused completing Pi properly by tweaking all the hiccups but did not. All the above are the basic foundation of a stand alone platform which are incomplete. Funny thing is that Pi has little positive functionalities and Kite has some little positive functionalities but none of the both have all the functionalities which is a huge drawback for traders.

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