Comment on Charting - Pi

Karan commented on 15 Sep 2017, 09:13 AM

Really? Seriously have you addressed any of the problems:
1. Kite 2.0 is heavy on resources of PC and laptop even though we traders use i7 and goo amount of RAM.
2. Automatic highlighting of drawn objects when cursor is moved in the vicinity of any drawn object which makes it very difficult to select or modify a particular drawn object.
3. Saved views: save option so we dont have to type in the name of saved view again and again to update the saved view
4. Mismatch of colors in various studies indicators. Some colors are bright and some colors are faded.
5. Customization of drawing tools so the most commonly used are shown first
6. Template option so we can save multiple templates
7. Fibonacci levels edit option to add 78.6 Fib level

I seriously doubt if Zerodha has addressed all these issues upfront or are you releasing Kite 3.0 as usual with minor adjustments like you have done for Zerodha Pi platform?

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