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Milind Shah commented on 14 Sep 2017, 03:40 PM

I have opened an account YA1463 and I have been talking with one of your guys Shahrukh. Apparently the account is opened and after 3 days I was told I was needed to sign a POA. I traded and want to increase trading but cant sell. So I signed the POA and have already send it but no one talks with each other. Still the account is not active. The tracking number of POA send from Mumbai is M55996737 and you can check it yourself its delivered, then why the holdiongs are still not seen. This is not how one sells. Just leaves the client in lurch. I strongly recommend you hire people who will not be sales people who just do some online stuff and move away. they must learn to handhold a client if u want stickiness.PLease help me close my matter pls

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