Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Jeetu commented on 15 Oct 2014, 02:38 PM

Really fascinated by all the new features in PI & quite curious to explore them. Thank you for putting up a great terminal guys, although a few suggestions.
1. It would be great to have links on the toolbar which can load lists of all the NFO & BFO contracts of the nearest expiry. Otherwise, it would be very cumbersome to add them manually one by one. Similarly, you could also incorporate such links for sector & index wise list of stocks / F&O contracts.
2. I hope users can save chart templates as well as layouts of their respective windows.
3. It would be wonderful to have shortcut keys for drawing tools such as horizontal & vertical lines on the charts.
4. Crosshair is quite evidently on top of the list of demands & rightly so.
5. It would be great to have a small section in the chart itself to change the time intervals. Or, there could be shortcut keys for each time interval.
6. Is it possible for the ‘Buy’ & ‘Sell’ windows to show the Best Bid & Best Ask prices automatically & then users could simply click on say ‘+’ / ‘-‘ keys so as to change the prices in the multiples of 0.05 or 0.10 (there could be other keys for higher multiples). I am borrowing this idea from US stock exchange terminals which makes placing orders a very simple task. This would eliminate the need to the change the entire price by entering the digits all by yourself. Also, considering, most of us place orders closer to the bid & ask.
7. Are the following indicators present already?
i. ROC
ii. Coppock Curve
iii. Detrended Price Oscillator
iv. Elliot Wave Oscillator
v. ADX
8. Also, it would be very easy to move about in the chart by just scrolling with the mouse to zoom in / out & by simply dragging using the left click of the mouse to move left / right in the chart screen.

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