Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Siva commented on 15 Oct 2014, 12:23 PM

1. Zoom in and zoom out should be like amibroker with zoom buttons and horizontal scroll bar or like netdania trade station with mouse scroll to zoom and hand tool to move the chart and not like nest which is really bad.

2. I feel trade from chart should have a line for buy, line for sell with the number/value on top say 7850 and not just small arrows. Because later if I want to see at what price I bought Nifty I should be able to read it from chart and not go to the trade book or order book as it deteriorates the point of chart trading

3. The value must be editable in the buy/sell pop up box as we may not be able to click in the exact place sometimes say I want to buy at 7855 but when I click it shows 7860 if I click little below it shows 7850.

4. Market index box shows when we switch tabs is a sweet touch

5. Removing indicator can be like amibroker as it will be easy

6. We should have the option to add Chart tools in the toolbar like how it is with amibroker. As it will be difficult to every time use the menu dropdown. There is empty space in the vertical left corner and horizontal top right corner below the index box these empty spaces can be put to use.

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