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Utsav Lall commented on 09 Sep 2017, 08:42 AM

Good morning team Zerodha. First off – Congratulations to Mr. Nithin Kamath and his brilliant team for completing 7 great years. Hats off!

I’ve been using Zerodha Pi for almost a month now. I’ve to say it is one of the most advanced and powerful trading platform in market. However, to prove its worth it has to continuously improve and evolve. Here are a few pointers:-

1. Unreliable candle charts – While using candlestick charts, sometimes the candles do not get plotted accurately. After reselecting the duration, (1M-5M-1M) the candles apprear correctly. There is minor but noticeable difference in candles OLHC. This is noticed more if the window is open for a longer timeframe and is more prominent on 1M charts. Adding an option to continuously refresh the charts may help.

2. Default parameters in expert advisor – EAs are great. Alerts are decently accurate. But, there is no option to choose default order parameters of generated alerts from EAs. I know it can be done from Scripted Alerts but thats another case. Selecting Cover order in SAs do not work at all. That whole window needs to be reworked.

3. Unreliable scripted alert and back testing – Backtesting is another awesome feature of Pi that needs more awesomeness. There is some serious issue with calculation when compared to SAs in realtime. Generated alerts from SAs and Backtesting of same script yeilds different trades and results do not match.

4. Indicators need UI polishing – For an example compare Supertrend layout and styling in Kite and Pi. Which do you feel looks great? Obviously on Kite. Same goes for indicators with channels, zones and smooth trends. There is no option in Pi to adjust Yaxis range. Few useful indicators like ZigZag, Vortex, Alligator, etc are missing. *Can Kite and Pi get married and make a baby with has both great features? (Food for thought)*

5. Lack of multi instance support – As of now, only one login per instance is allowed. I think it would be great if atleast two instances are allowed. One for computer and another for phone. Also there should be an option to choose whether to use two factor authentication or just simple login.

6. Pi on whole – I love the multi window layout and customisable UI. Please provide a reliable way to keep backup configuration file which can restore customised settings on reinstalling or sharing with other users. Version information is incorrect. Downloaded and installed but shows

I hope this feedback helps in making Zerodha Pi the greatest of all. “Make some, save some, spend some, handsome.”


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