Comment on Technical Analysis - Intro

Suraj N. Patel commented on 08 Sep 2017, 11:56 PM

Hello Sir,

Need Crude Oil Past Months or Years 5 Minute,15 Minute to Weekly Chart Data

I need Software for Technical analysis of MCX crude Oil.

In Any Technical analysis software allow to seen Crude Oil last 1 to 5 years of data (Not EOD But 5 Minute to 15 Minute , 1 our Candle of Last 1 To 5 Years) with all time frames like 5 minutes candle charts to Daily & Weekly chart with applying all strategies defined by us.
Or Just like Back Testing of any strategies which I try to test of Last 5 Years of data of Crude Oil.

Zerodha Provide only current series of data in Crude Oil.

So, If I want Last 3 Month or 12 month Chart Data with 5 min to 1 hour candle stick with any indicator apply to chart……

Please Suggest Us sir any good software …

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