Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Varesh commented on 15 Oct 2014, 09:38 AM

Hello Nitin,

Thanks for this nice software, I am eagerly waiting for this in my hands.

Just few suggestions,

1) Could you please give more brightness as well as multiple color choosing facility for all the indicators as some time it find dull.
2) Could you please have Volume as color coded rather than dull color now, it is not eye pleasing one.
3) I don’t see any section in video for Options like automatic greek calculations, CHGOI, MAX OI, MAX Pain calculation, Option Price calculator etc. I hope you already considered these.
4) Also for alert section, is it possible for me to get offline alerts as SMS etc. if once I code, back test and kept live particular strategy on my software login, later I need not to keep this open all the time?


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