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Lukhmaan commented on 07 Sep 2017, 11:23 PM

Hi Nithin
The call and trade charge of Rs. 20, applicable for auto square off in the case where a trader doesn’t square offs, which was implemented somewhere between the month of May due to extreme load on your systems should have been a temporary issue and the systems should have been upgraded by now. Regular day traders like me sometimes are not able to square off for some or the other reason. I normally don’t compare any company or individual to its competitors but if I see from my point of view then paying call and trade charge of Rs. 20 + tax of Rs. 3 + the brokerage, then the best discount broker, Zerodha, is not the lowest in terms of brokerage if we compare with other competitive discount brokers. When we had opened an account the charges were clear but adding a charge to a client just because your system cannot take the load is not acceptable. When your competitors can do the auto square off without charging then I believe WE (I didn’t say you as I am still a part of Zerodha) too can do it.

”One issue that needs an immediate fix is the extreme load our system and the physical exchange….”

The above line is the start of the para from your bulletin dated May 18th, 2017 regarding call and trade charge on auto square off. Immediate fix should be fixed immediately. I wouldn’t mind paying additional charge if it makes sense but just because your systems are not able to take the load and we pay doesn’t sound good. Its like in a restaurant if the the customers don’t eat in a specified time frame then customer will have to pay extra charges in their bill just because there is a Que of other customers waiting for the table and the restaurant owner cannot take the load. Later, the owner expanded his infra and put more tables.

Thank You.

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