Comment on Transfer funds into your trading account

Anuj Goenka commented on 05 Sep 2017, 08:40 PM


I had been forced to arrive at decision that going forward, I am going to stop using your services.
I had faced issue around 9-10 times while transferring funds through Kite in past 12 months.

I had used both
1. payment gateway and
2. upload proof method of NEFT

Multiple times, transferred amount though being debited from my bank account won’t reflect in KITE.
You can check the number of incidents raised by me regarding the same.
Latest being one 779198 and 863416.

Regarding the replies provided by your support representatives are callous and shows utter disregard to customers.

I believe that in today’s age, customers can’t wait for an entire day ( sometimes 2-3 days) , to keep writing emails and then do the required follow-ups to get the issue resolved. When the crux of the fund transfer is your faulty systems/process and your inability or (I dare to say) your unwillingness to resolve it.

I now sincerely believe that it’s time to put the curtain down on the hollow claims of best customer treatment.

I am ready to discuss this if someone from Zerodha wishes. Contact number is available in incident logs.


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