Comment on Futures & Options Filters

Nikhilesh commented on 05 Sep 2017, 01:36 PM

Hi Nitin,
Is it possible for you to show the margin required when placing a “Bracket Order” in Futures. As the Stop Loss is blocked in a bracket order you can make a provision to show the margin required (which can be less than the actual margin i.e. the margin without a Bracket Order) as per SL which is the first leg.
Margin requirement for an order without the Bracket Order can also be displayed when the trader is placing the order.
I have mentioned the above so that the trader need not go to the Margin calculator every time he wants to place a call. As the trades in futures are very fast a trader is bound to lose valuable time getting the margins from the margin calculator.
Future trading requires big margin and the whole of it gets blocked in one call for most of the traders.
This may help you to popularize Bracket Order concept and increase volumes
Secondly the target price (second leg) can be optional in a Bracket Order as the trader can decide on it.
ShareKhan has the above facility which is quite beneficial.
Hope you give a thought to it.

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