Comment on Basket Orders - ZT

Saikat commented on 04 Sep 2017, 05:21 PM

Dear Nitin Ji, since CO is a market order, the chance of its execution is much higher than BO since BO is a limit order and when placed after putting all details eg. stoploss, target, trailing stoploss etc., the price often crosses above (or below, in case of short) the market price, initially captured by the order entry screen and eventually the order gets rejected. The entire exercise becomes futile and the time wastage becomes more painful as every second counts in the market.

Therefore, I request you to consider following options:
1) to allow market order instead of limit order for BO, too.
2) or to allow target order after execution of CO.
3) or at least to change the market price dynamically in the order entry screen till the order is placed.

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