Comment on algoZ - An Introduction

Ashvin commented on 04 Sep 2017, 02:51 PM

Hi Zerodha,
I want to make option segment strategy for algoz trading, in which i want fixed some parameter and tested to how much profit get (according to strategy) before buy call or put.

That is below:
(1) how much % amount of Demate A/c use- 100 or 90% etc
(2) Min No. of lot- Auto/Manual
For manually type 1 or 2 lot etc
For Auto it logarithmic check how much number of lot you can purchase, accordingly number of lot buy.
(3) Max Number of lot- Auto/Manual
For Auto if demat A/c have 1 crore than logarithmic check how many lot you can purchase, max lot is restricted by choose % of buyer for max lot (in 4th condition) for that call or put.
Example- if 4th condition 20%, than logarithmic check number of max lot is 20 than 20 lot auto buy.
(4) % of buyer for max lot-
(5) buy signal given have Min price above it buy-
(6) buy signal given have Max price below it buy-
(7) % of profit to change SL from cureent stop loss value to new stop loss value-
(8) Number of transaction/day- 5 or 6 etc
(9) at a time maximum of Number of Running call or put –

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