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yoosuf commented on 04 Sep 2017, 01:40 AM

Hi Nitin,

Saw your story on youtube really impressive and I liked your journey. You really considered the pain point of traders community and deliver a great product ‘Zerodha’ here I have some query as well as some suggestions if you can take them seriously, it would be really helpful for your company.

1. I want to place multiple bracket/cover orders as basket order but that feature is still not there in any of your software.
2. I want to use charting in Nest Trader but unable to update Nest Plus so kindly let me know the issue and how can I use it properly?
3. Why can’t you integrate target in cover orders and market order in bracket orders?
4. Instead of putting the stop loss as price in cover order can you consider the stop loss in percentage or may be both to choose from so that a trader is no need to calculate the stop loss price instead he/she can put a fix SL % and system calculate and place the price automatically.
5. Can you get integrate the ‘trigger/SL/target’ shifting feature in chart itself by just dragging the line or something instead of going to order window as this process takes time and miss the opportunities.
6. Can you get integrated the buyers sellers volume movement in chart itself
7. Can I expect tic based chart in near future?

It would be a really helpful if you reply all my query properly and get me the solutions as early as possible.

Anyway I am a creative director and can help you for your branding related things if needed any time.

Regards and good luck

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