Comment on Latest updates - Aug 2017

Veeresh Malik commented on 01 Sep 2017, 11:40 PM

Good to see the wide-open transparency here. This is my 4th movement into the equity trading and investing adventures in as many decades, and each time while I’ve more than made money, there was always some sort of how complicated is this reason which made me withdraw. Making and then sometimes not making money is part of things.

In the ’80s it was all about paying for stamps, making trips to this office, getting stuck with fake shares and forgetting to do the transfer stuff in time. Still, made some money, sat and held some blue chips and went on with my life.

In the ’90s once again I played the market a bit, this was with some help from a friend who was active in the business and would play just 3 specific counters in cyclic fashion, I think it was all about inside information. Again, got bored when the scams broke, so I pulled out.

Then I got busy with starting a small tech company which consumed my life for about 10 years. To divert my mind, I started trading again, but then all those pink slips and the fact that I was travelling a lot and in the middle somebody would call up about signature variation and auction, exit again. Here, again, I made a lot of money. Got lucky I guess.

Now a few months ago walking past your office I asked a friend, what does Zerodha do, and that friend told me, online trading, so I put it in the back of my mind and then forgot about it. A few weeks ago I had a small windfall and so remembered and said, Oh OK, time to match wits again.

Opening the account was a bit bumpy, your people in North India are too pushy and also don’t know the meaning of punctuality, so it is better to try and do everything online directly especially since 20%-80% rule will come into play here. I’ve run a few flutters over the last few days, some on research, some on sentiments and some on flashes of brilliance. Learnt once again not to mix sentiments but the rest are doing fine, this is for Cash and Carry with mid to long term holding in mind.

So far so good, I really like the simple pages and processes.

I have a few suggestions please –

1) A copy of all documents signed by customers especially the nomination may be sent back, either soft copy or even printed hard copy, and this may please be repeated every year. Hard copy at cost to customer and soft copy free of charge, for customer’s and nominee’s records.

2) Option of a “preview your order” and “are you sure” and “place order at such and such time” screen for those who want it.

3) Zerodha users groups, by city and location, where people can meet up face to face.

4) Very soon, website option in different languages, that should not be difficult.

Once again, cheers and all the best. And thanks too.

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