Comment on STT Trap - Options Expiry - NSE BSE MCX-SX

kranti commented on 31 Aug 2017, 08:55 PM

Hi Nitin,
Now that we have “Do Not Exercise” to escape STT blow on in-the-money option….according to this.. can you confirm please if below calculation is right

One lot of Nifty 9900 CE bought at 3:25 today (31-Aug-2017) with premium 6 Rs so total buying price is (75*6 = 450), nifty closes on 9918
Have not sold it and decided to let it expired, later i have chosen newly implemented “Do not Exercise’ instruction to save extreme amount of STT

So will my pure profit be “18*75 =1350” ..?
i do not have to pay any STT correct..?

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