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Venkatesh commented on 31 Aug 2017, 08:18 AM

Dear Nitin,

Reg Kite iOS App..
Kite indeed a great app with so many awesome features however quite disappointing when it lacks the basic and vital requirement needed by any trading user. Let me highlight in brief

week earlier I have highlighted few issues earlier and subsequently I noticed a new ver of iOS app released with notes saying few improvements done, however I find present issues are even worse.

1) status info like Pending/executed , funds open positions etc., do not sync in line with kite web or next and still manually have to keep on refresh by swiping down the screen for more than 30-45 seconds, absolutely not productive.

2) on the order window the LTP price and Last qty traded info not Updating Live instead frozen to the value at the time I open the order window. no way to see the latest LTP or traded qty. in present day markets volatility price jumps like anything in fraction of seconds and what is the efficiency in keying in some bid based on frozen data.
I don’t know about this on your Android app however for iOS App I can confirm that LTP prices are not updating…
besides you have ample amount of space in the order window and you can comfortably place the best 3 Bid/Ask values which is very vital for any trader…these features were present in almost all the other trader apps, just wonder why was it not done in Kite.

3) Order placing for FNO Scripts, it’s a nightmare keying in the Future stock qty as there is no provision by any shortcut keys in incrementing the qty proportional to the lots. only way is calculating the actual qty mentally and key in the correct number manually, this process is cumbersome and at times even error prone, final result is either I miss an opportunity or my order get rejected due to incorrect qty. at least in your kite web you have a Up/Down arrow next to qty by which the qty can be incremented/decremented proportional to lot size.

here my suggestion is, when the qty is supposed to be placed only proportional to qty what is the point of trader entering the qty in number, instead Pls provide an option for trader to enter the qty of lots …e.g. for RELIANCE Stock future of lot size 500, and wanted to trade 5 lots, at present he need to enter qty as 2500 instead, allow him to enter just the lots e.g. 5 and for the clarity sake display next to that the multiplied total qty e.g. 2500 in greyed text…which changes in multiples of 500 as long as the trader changes the lots qty…Pls provide a up/dn arrow or a + or – button next to lot qty so that trader can either key in the lots or just increase/decrease using the button icons. nevertheless to mention that all other trader apps already do have this feature.

4) unlike the order window in kite web have a button on the right side top where i can flip or Buy/Sell order window without going back, however in your mobile app that button is missing due to which i have to do to extra clicks if I want to change the Buy order window to Sell order window, Pls provide that flip icon on the mobile app as well, which is very vital and helpful for trader for placing the orders fast and efficient.

5) Notification Alerts, I just wonder why the notification alerts are pushed only within the app…instead at the smart phone level…I mean I can see the notification only when my mobile app is running in front end…which is practically not possible all the times, it make sense for web application however for mobile apps notification alerts must be pushed to the smart phone level(that’s what all other apps does), so that even when my app runs in background any of my order execution gets notified through notification. just wanted to understand if any technical imitations you see. nevertheless to mention that other trader mobile apps already have this…why not with zerodha as well.

6) Below are my wish list for extra features, Price Alert notification on my smart phone based on a value or by %, secondly the Thumbnail chart on the watch list next to each script (would be very useful for trader to know in quick glance of the stock trend even without going in to chart (most of other trader apps do have this)

Summary & Conclusion.
No matter Kite mobile app comes with so many feature rich functionalities, however when basic and essential requirements are not met or addressed then all of these other features makes not much value addition from a common trader perspective.
Your developers have to work more to make the mobile apps compatible with latest features, otherwise you can claim that you too have a mobile app, but it’s effectiveness a million dollar question..

Hope you think about this and expect some modifications done on your mobile apps on war front basis, otherwise you mobile app make no sense for an effective use what a trader expect to do.
FYI, At present I have no choice except using your Kite app on mobile browser which is bitter but the fact. I happen to use 1 app for my price alert and 1 app for thumbnail view and of course your app for trading…do you see a efficiency here?

Nitin I trust you are the person believes in innovation and who understands the pain what a trader would commonly encounter, Hope to expect a transformation in your thinking of improving your mobile app overall.


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